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I'm Andrew. I Make Things.


About Andrew

I'm happiest when I'm building things; writing, designing, building, videoing, recording, podcasting, and more. Content marketing lets me do a little bit of all of that.

Currently, I'm the Content Marketing Manager for Ceros. We help people unlock their creativity with design tools and some kick-ass editorial (if I do say so myself). On nights and weekends, you'll find me freelancing for publications like Contently, Trello, Unthinkable, and more.

Check out my portfolio page to see some work I'm proud of (I'll be real, I put the most effort into that page, so you should def spend some time there).

About This Blog

As someone who feels they're always learning, experimenting, failing, and trying again, starting a blog that distributes marketing advice somehow felt disingenuous. 

But I do see examples of things I like in the marketing world on a near daily basis. High-quality work made by creative people.

Marketers have long used "swipe files" as a tool for collecting their favorite examples of creative work. One for the Swipe File is where I collect, curate, and chronicle pieces of marketing, advertising, or just creative work that I come across in my daily life.

...and maybe an opinion every now and then.


That picture on the top of that page came from the phenomenally talented Matt LaVere. Thanks Matt!